Why do car wire harnesses need sleeves to protect them?

We know that braided sleeves are widely used in the protection of automotive wire harnesses. Generally, there are several types of sleeves used for automotive wire harnesses protection, such as PET/Nylon sleeves, self-closing sleeves, PA sleeves,  PET/PA sleeves,heat shrinka sleeves, Velcro sleeves, and so on.

As the environmentally friendly halogen-free flame-retardant sleeve, it mainly serves as insulation, protection, and decoration for the cars.

As one of the important components of automobiles, the functions and signal transmission of automotive circuits are connected by wiring harnesses and bridges. The car wiring harness is fixed on the entire vehicle body, and the damage to the wiring harness directly affects the performance of the car circuit. Therefore, the car wiring harness should have temperature resistance, vibration resistance, smoke resistance, and humidity cycling performance. Braided sleeves provide insulation protection for wire connections. Reasonable external protective materials and wrapping methods can not only ensure the quality of wire harnesses, but also save costs and increase profits.

Post time: Dec-21-2023

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