Aluminum foil laminated glassfiber fabric Thermal insulation fiberglass cloth coated aluminum foil

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Aluminum foil laminated fiberglass fabrics are made of fiberglass fabrics laminated an aluminum foil or film on one side. It can resistant radiant heat, and has a smooth surface, high strength, good luminous reflectance, sealing insulation, gas-proof and water proof.

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Thickness: 0.15-3mm

Width: 1.0-1.5m

Color: Silver


 -Fireproof material such as fire blanket,fire curtain,fire-resistant coating and wall/roof covering.

-Heat insulation material such as welding blanket,pipe wrapping,thermal insulation jacket,expansion joint.

-Other fireproof and heat insulation related applications in fields of electrial, shipbuilding,automobile,checmical,construction,fire

protection, composite coating,and also filtration,air purification,etc.


-low shrinkage rate;

-High strength;


-Thermal insulation;


-Acid and alkali corrosion resistance;

-Electrical insulation;

-Environmentally friendly.

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