Heating and energy production with wood and agro-forestry biomass-Arezzo Fair

Arezzo Fair, 9/11 March 2023

Italia Legno Energia  was born from the experience of Progetto Fuoco , an event that for over 20 years has represented the international point of reference for the wood energy sector.

The soaring price of energy and the growing difficulty of supplying it has made it clear that a real energy transition has the duty to be sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a social and economic point of view.

The only way to counter the worrying phenomena of energy poverty affecting a part of Italian families is to abandon fossil fuels as soon as possible by promoting all renewable energies, both the most modern ones, but also the oldest and most mature ones, such as woody biofuels which ensure continuity, stability and programmability, three central aspects for making the ecological transition truly sustainable and inclusive.

Biomass (energy from wood) is renewable, cheap and safe energy : to make the best use of it, the most important allies are technology and the desire to innovate. To reduce PM10 emissions and contribute to the improvement of air quality, it is necessary to encourage technological turnover, i.e. with the replacement of old polluting systems with new generation stoves, fireplaces and boilers, a replacement financed in part by the Government with the incentive instrument of the “Conto Termico”.

Italia Legno Energia , together with Progetto Fuoco, PF Magazine and the Products Gallery , is part of a very large and ambitious project by Piemmeti and is one of the tools to turn the spotlight and draw attention to this sector: the heat of the future will be given by wood and bringing the media and consumers closer to this supply chain is our mission and that of all the sector’s protagonists.

Post time: Jul-25-2023

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