High temperature resistant rope gasket Fiberglass knitted soft cord Fiberglass knitted rope seal

Short Description:

Our soft knitted rope produced with texturized E-grade fiberglass yarns. The filaments
have thin diameters of 9µm and undergo to a pressurized air jet to generate higher volume
between the single filaments. Additionally, to increase the temperature resistance, the knitted
rope is coated with a special coating formulation that protects the single filaments against long
time exposure to high temperature sources.

Product Detail

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It is specially designed for application in wood stoves and industrial furnaces to
prevent heat leakages. The rope is highly elastic and can be compressed several times while
maintaining high resilience.
More options with different cores are available based on different needs, such as fiberglass filaments core, ceramic filaments core, knitted rope core and stc.
Technical Overview:
-Max Working Temperature:
 1000°F / 520°C
-Size Range:
It can be used as a gasket or seal on boiler, cook oven, industrial oven and wood stove doors.
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