Thermtex braided tape for oven self adhesive heat resistant strip high temperature seal

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In the stove industry, Thermetex® offers multiple reliable solutions which are able to withstand high operating temperatures. Raw materials used are commonly based on fiberglass filaments, treated with custom designed processes and specifically developed coating materials. The advantage of doing so, it is to achieve higher working temperatures. Additionally, where easy installation is required, pressure activated adhesive backing have been applied to the gasket to facilitate and accelerate the mounting process. During assembly of parts, like glass panels to the stove door, fixing first the gasket to one assembly element can be very helpful for a prompt mounting operation.


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Braided fiberglass tape is made of continuous filament texturized E glass yarns and is extremely strong, resilient, and flexible.

It is a thin textile gasket, soft and elastic designed for high temperature applications, such as ovens, stoves, fireplaces and etc.


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