Thermtex Suit Well to Most Equipment Glass seal for high temperature applications

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Thermtex® include a wide range of gaskets produced in a variety of forms and styles that suit well to most equipment. From high temperature industrial furnaces, to small wood stoves; from large bakery ovens to home pyrolytic cooking ovens. All items have been classified in base of their temperature resistance grade, the geometrical form and area of application.

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In the stove industry, Thermetex® offers multiple reliable solutions which are able to withstand high operating temperatures. Raw materials used are commonly based on fiberglass filaments, treated with custom designed processes and specifically developed coating materials. The advantage of doing so, it is to achieve higher working temperatures. Additionally, where easy installation is required, pressure activated adhesive backing have been applied to the gasket to facilitate and accelerate the mounting process. During assembly of parts, like glass panels to the stove door, fixing first the gasket to one assembly element can be very helpful for a prompt mounting operation.

Specifically for the stove industry different gaskets with various elasticity and softness have been developed. In order for the textile gasket to function as a cushion that seals air gaps between metal/metal or metal/glass, it is important that the gasket has good softness to be compacted as desired and maintain at the same time optimal resiliency to have a good sealing effects throughout the entire lifetime.

Thermtex® product range offers also a large choice of efficient pyrolytic gaskets for home cooking pyrolytic ovens. Different gasket diameters, different geometrical forms and various resiliency grade can be selected for the best performance. The peculiar aspect of these kind gaskets lies on the fastening clips mounted along the entire gasket length during its production. Indeed, for installation purposes diamond form clips are inserted into the sealing tube used for fixation onto the oven’s frame.

To overcome the tedious manual installation steps, preformed gaskets have been developed to facilitate the automated mounting process. It has been designed in a way that gives the prerequisites for an easy installation with robot arms and allow the mounting in assembly lines.

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