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A dedicated product range developed to face the emerging demand of hybrid and electrical vehicles, especially for the protection of high voltage cables and critical fluid transfer tubes against unexpected crash. The tight textile construction produced on specifically engineered machines allows higher protection grade, thus granting safety to the driver and passengers. In case of unexpected crash, the sleeve absorbs most of the energy generated by the collision and protects the cables or tubes being teared apart. It is indeed of vital importance that electricity are continuously supplied even after vehicle impact to keep the basic functionalities, to allow the passengers to leave safely the car compartment.

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The combination of high modulus material such as aramid fibers and high tensile strength polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or commonly know as polyester, results in a perfect protection sleeve able to withstand extreme mechanical stresses while fulfilling, at the same time, the requirement for lightweight solutions in order to have high efficiency and long driving range (NEDC).

To facilitate the installation of Forteflex® onto parts, different options have been studied. Self closing sleeves offer the easiest installation method. Indeed, it can be fitted onto existing tubes or cables without the need of dismounting the whole assembly. For higher bending radius, beside the standard weaving construction, knitted and braided versions are also available in full range of diameters with different abrasion grades.

Forteflex® are offered in traditional orange color for hybrid or electrical vehicles, as indication of high voltage cables. Together with the black version they make up the two standard versions for crash protection application. Other colors, such as violet, are also available on request.

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