SPANDOFLEX PET025 protective sleeve wire harness protection abrasion pretection for pipes

Short Description:

Spanflex PET025 is a protective sleeve made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament with a diameter of 0.25mm.

It is lightweight and flexible construction specially designed for the protection of pipes and wire harness against unexpected mechanical damages. The sleeve has furthermore an open weave structure which permits drainage and prevents condensation.



Product Detail

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Spanflex® PET025 can be sent in bulky form, in reels or cut in predefined lengths. In the latter case, to avoid fraying end issues, different solutions are also offered. Depending on the demand, ends can be cut with hot blades or treated with a special antifray coating. The sleeve can be put on curved parts like rubber hoses or fluid tubes with any bending radius and still maintaining a clear-cut end.

The sleeve offers a grade of superior abrasion protection and an outstanding resistance against oils, liquids, fuel, and various chemical agents. It can extend the life time of the protected components.

Technical Overview:
-Max Working Temperature:
-70℃, +150℃
-Size Range:
Wire harnesses
Pipe and hoses
Sensor assemblies
Black (BK Standard)
Other colors available upon request

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