SPANDOFLEX Protective sleeve self-closing wire protection sleeve PET cable sleeve

Short Description:

SPANDOFLEX SC is a self closing protective sleeve made with a combination of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilaments and multifilaments. The self-closing concept allows the sleeve to be installed easily onto pre-terminated wires or tubes, thus allowing installation at the end of the whole assembly process. The sleeve offers also very easy maintenance or inspection by just opening the wraparound.


Product Detail

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SPANFLEX SC is a tough sleeve resistant to cut, designed to protect wire bundles and harnesses, hoses, tubing, and cable assemblies from mechanical damage and environmental hazards. It slips quickly and self-fits on irregular shapes and countours.

Technical Overview:
-Max Working Temperature:
-7o ℃, +15o ℃
-Size Range:
Wire harnesses
Pipe and hoses
Sensor assemblies
Black (BK Standard)
Orange (OR Standard)
Other colors available
upon request

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